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© 2016-2020 By L'Dezen Jewellery Co. Ltd. Created by Payal Shah


Owner and designer of a flourishing fine jewelry brand at a young age, Payal Shah is a unique creative talent. With a fresh perspective on jewelry design and an unrelenting dedication to her craft, it is no surprise that L' Dezen has already found success among industry influencers and discerning jewelry lovers worldwide.

Shah’s passion for the fine jewelry industry was ignited as a young apprentice under her mother and father who worked in the luxury market as diamond consultants. From Singapore to Hong Kong, Shah would attend desk-side meetings, watching intently as her parents navigated the world of fine jewelry, all the while learning about the industry. She remembers being inspired by the thrill of the business but was even more enamored by the creative process. As an adult, what began for Shah as a part-time exploration of precious stones turned into a career decision to leave her position as a furniture designer for international luxury hotels to launch her own collection. Combining her knowledge of architectural design with the teachings she acquired from her Indian heritage and Chinese culture, Shah launched L’Dezen Jewelry in 2011.

The L’Dezen Jewelry collection elegantly walks the line between sophisticated and funky, classic and out of the box. The bold yet lightweight designs are modern but anchored in classical schema. The contemporary aesthetic of L' Dezen designs bares the true beauty of the sliced diamond, a hidden gem that was introduced to Shah by her father. A diamond in its rawest form, this sliced stone inspired the designer with its organic shape and the beauty that exists in its natural veins and striations. “What I really love about sliced diamonds is that no two are alike,” Shah explains, “Each stone has its own characteristics and fingerprint. The inclusions add a unique pattern and depth to each piece and the surface beautifully reflects light like no other diamond.”

The beauty of L' Dezen's sophisticated designs also lies in the exemplary craftsmanship of each piece, “It’s interesting to experience how a designer can change and influence the perception of a product by a consumer, how a design can add value to a material,” enthuses Shah. The designs are carefully handcrafted. Each piece being unique, it takes a great deal of time, patience and attention to detail to create each jewel. Shah thinks of her jewelry as special occasion pieces which creatively blend luxurious materials with accessible designs. They empower the wearer with their striking beauty, which is always personal and unique. The creative mystique of L' Dezen designs appeals to the independent modern woman who knows how to make a statement and is confident in her style.

The arresting designs and Shah’s prodigious creative talent have won the brand great recognition from industry peers, with Shah crowned Ms. Hong Kong Jewellery in 2011 and Jewellery Net Asia’s “Young Leader of the Year” in 2012/12/13/14 consecutively and most recently Luxury Lifestyle Awards 'Luxury Jewellery Brand Asia'